What Happens Backstage

When it happened,It was magic,

Although our past was tragic.
I trusted him,

He swept me off my feet

Adrenalin rushing through my meat.
The passion got intense,

He loved me, called it love at first sight,

Oh God ! He was lying with all his might.
It was heaven for some time,

We made plans for tours abroad,

Didn’t knew his sketches were flawed.
I thought this is how people are in love,

They cry, they forgive, they fall back, they fall apart,

Yes apart! Coz he was my only essential part.
That hand rose high, a little frequent this February,

I consoled myself thinking he wanted to keep me close,

But that final day my breath froze.
My world went for a tornado spin,

It was as they thought would never last, 

Coz he was lying about everything and I wanted him to forget his tragic past.
That was some show,

I think about it now

Some show it was, wow !!


Live On

Don’t sweat it overQue sera sera

Events will happen in their era

It makes benefit by seeing us weep

We are at time’s mercy…

Die and sweep, die and sweep.
Pathetic it definitely is to be a puppet,

What choice do we have? (Or do we)

His best attempt obviously we would be.

Sometimes it’s not satisfying…

When your endeavours fail and your worth is dying.


  Look back where you were,

  Cherish again what you were,

Think where you at…

Ponder over what has become of you ? 

Do you want it forever ?

Or want to flip it clever ?
Pretending to be glee ?

Swapping it for the fake ‘we’.

It’s not who I was,

Maybe it’s too late for this cause. 

I’ll be the same, I pray not,

This contrary juxtaposed position in which I am caught.

It will be the death of me…

If I continue to find the old ‘we’.

My “Juniper” Love

Words ain’t enough,

my eyes convey my thoughts…

Even if I lied,

any amount of lying would get me caught.

Her presence is intoxicating

I feel I am falling free

but maybe I am freethinking,

or either climbing higher on the lust tree…

Always she has been there

our relationship has blossomed over time

“Safe” is what I feel in her loving care,

her beauty divine and sublime.

Her love I take in my anger I blow out,

Her vitals are : “beautifully thin”

she is not my first no doubt.

My chattel you soothe my frail nerve,

you are my Porphyria and I am your love

I am under heavy debt…all along its been you my love Cigarette. 

Memories Of June


I see you staring ,
I see emotions flaring.

I know you wanna talk,
I know you’ve been hovering like a hungry hawk .

I feel you lying next to me,
I feel ‘I’ ain’t better than ‘We’.

I want to know why we fell apart?
I want to know who derailed our go-cart ?..

I touched you last june,
I touched you when the clouds hugged the full moon.

It seems complete when you are near,
It seems you shower exaltation over my fear.

I think of you when its dark,
I think of how we used to lark.

Its impossible to bring back those hours,
Its impossible even if i wish on all the stars..

©avneet oberoi



Why are you so mean?
For throwing comments you are always keen,
You are never seen glad
In envy you are mostly clad.

Why do you always hate?
Therefore in childhood no one was your play mate.
You always complain,
I think its ice running through your vein .

Why everyone abandons you?
Coz mostly you carry the “green” hue,
No one has ever seen you smiling
With all your negativety my words have stopped rhyming !!

Will you always be the same ?
Its time you quit this game,
Please don’t pretend.
A helping hand we all are ready to lend ..

©avneet oberoi

“Three Magical Words”


Night & day in my memories you stay,
When I want to feel you, hide & seek you play.
What is this feeling?
Why are all my wounds healing?
I wanna talk to you aloud,
I want to tell you how I feel & take you to the 9th cloud.
No music but I tap my feet,
I imagine you sitting in the bus next to my seat.
Always in your thoughts I spend my day,
Making your face in the stars, on my roof I lay.
Those “three magical words” I wish I could say ..

© avneet oberoi

I Am “In Love”


In love everything seems in place,
In love worries don’t have a trace.
In love all things look splendid,
In love all colours feel well blended.
In love the moon grows bigger,
In love heart shape is the best figure ❤ !
In love the winds sing a song,
In love the night seems to last long.
In love the face carries a smile,
In love the best walk seems down the aisle.
In love its only you two, bearing the ‘Pink hue’ ..

© avneet oberoi

A Poem Of My Questionnaire !


I’ve been wondering who I am?
What am I doing in the body of man?
What purpose do I serve?
Which way will my destiny curve?
What is it I really want?
Why do few of us flaunt?
Why do I feel somebody is stalking?
Why do I stumble while walking?
Why I am so imperfect ?
Why do I feel I have a loose circuit?
Why do I doubt?
Why am I not confident & stout?
Why do I don’t have a 26″ waiste?
Why do I take decisions in a haste?
Why am I so tall?
Why doesn’t anyone picks me up when I fall?
Why am I always silent?
Why are some of us so violent?
Who created us all ?
Why are ants so small??
Who decided earth will dance around the sun?
Who crafted 2 eyes not 1?
Why is ‘Z’ after ‘Y’ ??
Will you answer, the one sitting above the sky !?!

© avneet oberoi